THE SOUND of silence...

September 26, 2019

by Lisa Palmisano


We do not live in a culture used to waiting.  Patience is not a strong suite-especially for teenagers.

Silence in recruiting is typically not a good thing.  A giant issue that greatly disturbs me is coaches who do not respond at all.  FACT-IMHO-that's flat out unprofessional and just plain wrong.  Please be upfront with kids-yes-these are KIDS!  Don't get me wrong, some of the best coaches from the top school are extremely forthright and very honest.  I sincerely commend them and appreciate that. No one wants to crush a 16-year-olds dream.  What's worse: the honest truth or dishonestly stringing a kid along???

Parents and players - if you are not getting responses, as hard as it may be- move on! Do email and call twice-maybe three times even.  If you and your club coach do not get a response-then don't linger.  That's not to say that the silent school won't eventually circle back around to you.  The best advice given to us and that we share with everyone in recruiting is to GO WHERE YOU ARE WANTED! So simple. So profound.  SO true!

Don't wallow in the dark of silence.  Go to the light and find a school that wants you-that's the place where you belong!